What's my Promise to my son

Father as the Gang leader

Welcome to New Wiki Name
New wiki name is a collaborative website about your topic that anyone can edit!  theme for tweet:  Gang For Good

Open to Seniors, Parents, and Studnets who see possibilites for ending violence.   Collaboration for NATIONAL YOUTH UNION

Gang prevention strategies beyond policy where collaborative individuals so create that of like AARP is to Seniors that structure seeing possibilities in a world where anything is possible.  Your vision, insights, and asset is wanted and needed.   YOUTH POWER but the theme and public domain for the gang so visioned will be a public private partnership of local chapters.  Proposed to use the books  Mi Barrio, Little Barrio, and From the Barrio to the Board Room.

Based in Chicago so invite you to visit the site:  www.fromthebarrio.ocm

The books in Spanish and English are but one strategy of the GANG FOR GOOD! WIKI

The issue of gang prevention lacks the idea to which this wike seeks to create so to jump in all youth to a Good Gang. First the name has been used throughout the history many times. But to those who wear the badge the idea may not work. The simple idea is a strategy to solve the reality's of todays violence and the neighborhood control of such "street organizations" we all know of.

What is proposed is a site where anyone can share pro active strategies that so lay new track for youth who are heading for jail and prison. That track active "change agents" in their own life and the neighborhood. The concept being shared as a public domain solution to what the education systems call The Achievement Gap. No present Gang For Good! as so proposed anywhere on the planet. One small teen age group in Lake County near Cleveland so has a facebook and group by this name. (A google for "Gang For Good" will take you to this peer to peer youth run and led initiative.

That to which is being proposed through The Grupo Amistad Vision is very different and will use this wiki to move forward the name, not limited as to what forms they take but always building on two major strategies: Service Learning and Mentoring. Aimed at those within the birth to 21 age group. Let me begin with but one resource in place in Santa Cruz County: Called Santa Cruz Barrios Undos. It has a cornerstone and holds a National Coalition of Barrios Undos chapters.

Those who so know like what Father Boyle in East LA has in place know that there our not alot of options for those who want to move beyond their past. My this wike find like minded individuals to fine tune the strategies and share their knowledge as a process of possibilities.

Starting this without the IT skills but the idea is collective program development to build on what exist can change lives. Your invitation to share toward a world that works for all. This will be a hands on learning experience so no limit on it's form but please a focus on solutions, not informational about present Gangs but what lives in possibilities to solve the issue. We leave the "Weed" up to the "badge" and ask them to join: Fight Crime, Invest in Kids and to speak into the "Seed". If unknown to you research the national initiative: Weed and Seed.

So this your personal invitation to make known this to your network and so explore what WE can do to build a future where strategies so include YOUTH CITY COUNCILS and PROMISE TOWNS.  Open to conversations:  THE GRUPO AMISTAD VISION   831 479 9596

Propose that public domain King Chavez Legacy Teams can so in the future be one specific action plan on both sides of the border.

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Latest activity Team building with ongoing conversations.Edit

Intent: Open up collaborative organizational development to build on positive youth development initiative's now in place on both sides of the border, your invitation to create that most key task: The transfer of knowledge.

Starting the conversation, as the Grupo Amistad Vision.

Only agreement is to share and create that to which is public domain....not but one more non profit, collaboration,

alliance, network, partnership, or application for monies, but a youth run and led initiative and the needed steps to

so establish.

The Question on the day? What's wanted and needed to create a solution to the violence and gangs on both sides of the border?

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